Adam Morina


About Me


USC Games MFA - ‘23
USC Annenberg Fellowship - ‘21-’22
Finalist - Student BAFTA
GDC Narrative Review Gold Winnner  
GDC Presentation - ‘21
IndieCade Nominee - Pickfair Directive - Game Developer

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Hi, my name is Adam Morina, and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am currently enrolled in the prestigious Masters of Fine Arts in Video Game Design and Interactive Media at the University of Southern California. Prior to attending USC, I graduated from Chapman University’s Dodge Film School with a BA in Screenwriting and Film production.

Post graduating, I worked as an Associate Producer on feature documentaries, Midnight Return: The Story of Billy Hayes and Turkey, and The Browsing Effect. These were both low budget films that required me to wear many different hats during production. After gaining a huge amount of production experience working on both films, I started work as a Writer’s Assistant on CBS’s, The Young and the Restless. I began to pitch episodes to the writing team and was promoted to Freelance Staff Writer where I wrote multiple episodes to air. Because of the promotion, I was able to join the Writer’s Guild of America. I later worked as an assistant at Dickhouse productions for Jeff Tremaine, and Johnny Knoxville.

Throughout my time in the MFA program, I’ve both worked as a designer, developer and director on multiple projects ranging from narrative driven VR experiences to 2D chaos simulator, arcade games. My work is primarily on scripting narrative and audio systems, as well as prototyping mechanics for games as a tech designer. My most notable project is an interaction driven VR game entitled, Blocks. This project was built in a team of two, and recently announced as finalist nominee for the BAFTA award in the Immersive category.

Currently, I’m leading a team of 20 in developing a fast–paced, 3-D action platformer called, Try Again. This project doubles as my Master’s thesis and as a USC Advanced Games Project selection, chosen by games & CS faculty through a rigorous process of pitching and prototyping. Try Again is in pre-production and will be released in May of 2023.

I love skateboarding, writing/producing music, and playing games (of course). Some of my favorites are Inside, Crash Bandicoot, The Last of Us, and Street Fighter. Thanks for checking out my portfolio site!