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Night Room - Contact for Build

Lead Programming
Lead Design

For this project my goal was to create a nightclub in Unity. This is a project I have wanted to build for a long time, and this felt like the perfect time to do it. For over ten years (since high school), I have written and produced my own music. I wanted to create a space that would allow people to not only listen, but interact with the music. To start, I developed an active LED floor that has a timed glow of neon emission. I also created a color lerp so that the floor simulates real LED dance floors that switch colors. I also built an arena with walls, fog, ambient occlusion, and neon lights. I then set up four rooms that could each have a song playing in them. The triggers react to the player so that the song can switch once the player enters each room. In each room, I also placed a floating piece of fruit. The fruits are like Coachella stage signs so that friends can know which room to meet up in.  This project is a prototype for a much larger project that I am developing. Due to COVID, people lost the ability to go out and have fun.

Concerts are not an option these days. The problem is, there are no interactive spaces for friends to hang out. There are night clubs featured in GTA Online, but that is hardly accessible for your average person. Even if you do play GTA Online, it is so hard to get a nightclub, and invite your friends that the experience is not worth it. There used to be a site called Turntable which allowed players to create a tiny avatar and listen to music with friends. The problem, it was shallow. The game harbored no interactivity or agency.
The game that I have built seeks to solve these problems.  Players will be given a chance to create their very own room, customize the walls, dancefloor and build it out however they like. 

Synth for Everyone - Work in Progress

Lead Programming - Oscillators/FM Bass and Synth
Built with Chaoran Huang - Drum Sequencer

I’ve always been fascinated with synthesizers, and was hungry to try and build one. I researched Modular/FM synthesis, and discovered how tones can oscillate. Computers have the ability to play tones, as does Unity through C#. Using Unity’s OnAudioFilterRead function, and Mathf.PI method, I was able to develop scripted formulas. These formulas play deep sine waves. The bass tones are keycoded to QWERTY, and the Nintendo Square wave are keycoded to 1234. I set up the scale by inputing frequencies into a list in C#. I built a BPM counter by setting up an Array that took 1 second intervals of 32 beats a second. My partner in this project, Chaoran Huang, helped me develop the BPM tracking into a drum sequencer. The goal of this project is to make FM synths fun and accessible in a browser.

Disco Floor

Lead Programming
Lead Design

Fun arcade, pick-up game developed on Unity. The falling floor is accomplished by using a trigger that is not a child of the sphere but coded to follow the sphere. The script sends the square pieces up and down based on the player’s location.