Adam Morina

Writing & Production - Film/TV


Follow Me

Written by Adam Morina
Directed by Maria Prieto

Short film made in collaboration with my friend Maria Prieto. After being dumped mid-coitous by his social media obsessed, narcissistic girlfriend, Theo decides to mend his broken heart by pursuing his long time crush and best friend, Kate. Their romantic dinner date gets interrupted when a fateful Instagram post leads to the arrival of a couple of uninvited guests. This story was written to capture the fleeting instantaneous relationships we all experience with our new appendage: the phone.


Written and Created by Adam Morina

S.E.L.F. tells the story of Michael Harding, a 1970s C-List actor who starts a very successful self-help program. While the program starts with good intentions, the road to success takes many casualties. I created this story after reading about the infamy of Werner Erhard, the founder of EST. S.E.L.F. is an original, one-hour dramatic series.


Written and Created by Adam Morina

Restaurants are chaotic, war-like places that seem to attract anarchist artists, yet it’s only food, what’s the big deal? With FOOD, I wanted to tell a story about the people that run a restaurant day to day. These big kitchens are make or break, and one bad review can be cataclysmic. This story is about a once famous restaurant and the people who work there. FOOD is an original, one-hour dramatic series.


Written and Created by Adam Morina and Maria Prieto

Adulting is the spirtiual successor/half-hour television version of Follow Me. Written with the director of Follow Me, Maria Prieto, Adulting tells the stories of two friends who re-connect in their 20s. The two of them try to survive and grow up in a Master of None style dramedy format. 

The Browsing Effect

Associate Producer

I joined this project in pre-production as an Associate Producer and helped construct this film from beginning to end. Working with Executive Producers, Roan Bibby and Paul Perez, I sourced a big majority of the crew, from Script Supervisor to Location Manager. Bringing everyone in on budget. I organized all levels of production for an Ultra Low Budget film to help realize our director’s vision. This project had me budgeting with Movie Magic, working as Location Scout, Production Coordinator, and Executive Producing all at a moment’s notice.

Midnight Return: The Story of Billy Hayes and Turkey

Associate Producer

Midnight Return is a feature documentary that had its World Premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016. My responsibilities as Associate Producer were to coordinate production in two different countries: Turkey and the United States. I also worked with the director, and would deliver these notes to the editors in Color Correction, Sound Mixing and Principal Edit. I worked with the Executive Producer, Editor and Director to re-cut and adjust the story beats.